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Transcript For 'WFP Yemen: Working to End Hunger'

Narrator: The United States of America is the biggest donor to the World Food Programme in Yemen. In 2013, the US contribution was worth 68.5 million dollars. A total of 77,520 metric tons of commodities, including 73,680 tons of wheat, 1,960 tons of pulses and 1,880 mt of vegetable oil. This food enabled WFP to provide life-saving Food Assistance to millions of people, including the internally displaced, and vulnerable, food insecure households.

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Over the coming months, WFP will be expanding its operations in Yemen to reach 6 billion vulnerable people. These will include malnourished women and young children, some 900,000 children regularly attending schools with a nutritious daily snack, 200,000 girls and 50,000 former child laborers attending school with a take-home ration. WFP will also provide poor households with labor-intensive livelihood support activities through food and cash for work.

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As WFP moves to implement its Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation in 2014 and 2015 with a gradual shift in emphasis from providing relief to promoting recovery and rebuilding resilience, we will continue to rely on the generous support of the United States