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How Erika From London Pieced Together A New Viewpoint On Hunger

It’s no surprise that Erika, our Social Media Impact intern from London, was preoccupied with the word “impact” this month. She wanted to figure out how you know you’re actually making an impact in the fight against hunger. Turning to her global peers for help, she discovered that even the smallest actions can have a huge impact in someone’s life. Here she tells you about all that she learned this month – and the cool collage and video she made to capture the experience.

One of the most important things I learned this month as a Social Media Impact intern for WFP Students is that “impact” means making a significant difference – and what that difference means in the lives of hungry people around the world. The work of the World Food Programme makes an impact in the lives of millions of people every day. From a nutritious school meal to community agriculture programmes helping small-scale farmers grow more and better crops, I learned that the many ways WFP makes a difference truly transform peoples’ lives.

Through my research, I also discovered that there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. Why doesn’t everyone have enough then? It comes down to access. I believe that having nutritious food to live a productive life isn’t a privilege: every person deserves this. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world people still don’t get the food and nutrition they need. This is why I wanted to take part in the cause of solving hunger: I wanted to help others around the world gain a better and more promising future.

I posted photos of my efforts to raise awareness about hunger throughout the month, culminating in the collage you see here that captures my experience as a social media advocate. It showcases the many people I met and talked with now involved in solving hunger and making a difference.

I have also created a video as a summary of what I’ve been up to this month and all that I learned. I chose to use the song “Tell Me Why” sung by Declan Galbraith because the words touch my heart. There is no reason why children should suffer from hunger, why they shouldn’t have an education or be able to play and have a normal childhood; it is my dream to see the world change so that everyone can have enough food to lead a better life.

If you believe this message too then please watch my video here and get involved! There are so many different ways to get involved in solving hunger that there is no excuse not to.


Written by WFP Students Social Media Impact intern Erika McCulloch