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What do your students know about hunger?

Last week, WFP's Executive Director, Josette Sheeran spoke to the UN Youth and Students Association. Throughout the course of her speech, she brought to light several facts that the average person may  not be aware of. Use this quiz to figure out just how much your students know about hunger. Then, discover the truth behind some common misconceptions about our world's most solvable problem. 

 "Today, there is enough food for everybody," Sheeran told students, "but there are a billion people who can't access it."

For those at the UN Youth and Students Association gathering, the "access issue"  was one of several myths debunked. Students listened as Sheeran told the story of the Red Cup, shared school feeding successes, and discussed the world's progress toward the Millennium Development Goals. She explained to students that food is important, but we also have to make sure it's provided at the right time. Permanent damage is done in the lives of children who don't receive proper nutrition before age two. Without nutrients during development, "there are certain parts of the brain that never light up," Sheeran told the audience. 

Listening to her speech, it became clear that there's a lot the average person doesn't know about hunger. Perhaps one of the most important things we can do to help end hunger is become aware of the reality of the issue. One good way to begin teaching your students about hunger is to test what they already know--or think they know! Then, a door is opened for classroom discussion and a chance to learn the facts together. To help you do this, WFP has a short quiz you can use with your students as a quick exercise and a way to start conversation. The online version of the quiz allows you feed one child simply by taking the quiz, and we encourage you to do this at home. But for easy classroom use, we have created printable PDF's along with answer sheets!

Click here to download the quiz, and click here to download quiz with answers.

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