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Country Spotlight - Ghana

This month the spotlight is on Ghana.

This small West African country has seen great economic growth over the past decade and with WFP's help the lives of thousands of Ghanaians are being improved.


Population: 24,339,838
Life Expectancy: 60.55 years
Human Development Index: 0.553
Children under weight: 14.3%
Population undernourished: 8.0%
Global Hunger Index: Serious

ghana on the mapGhana is a small country in West Africa and is considered one of the most stable West African countries. Over the past decade Ghana has seen great economic growth. Despite this economic growth, Ghana is still a low-income country with about 45 percent of the population living on less that US$1 a day. In northern Ghana food insecurity is widespread and up to nine out of ten people live below the poverty line. 

WFP’s activities in Ghana include a large school meals programme providing daily cooked, nutritious meals to more than 122,000 primary and junior high school children in 304 schools.  The girls in the junior high schools are also given take home rations to help encourage their enrolment and continuation in school. WFP is also supporting local farmers through the school meals programme by purchasing food locally.

WFP is also providing more than 60,000 women and children at risk of malnutrition with fortified foods. And, in a joint project with UNICEF, WFP provides women’s groups with income generating projects.  Watch the video below to see how one group of women is changing lives in their community and click here to read the article.

WFP developed an active local procurement programme and increased purchases from US$234,000 in 2003 to US$7.1 million in 2008. WFP since incorporated the “Purchase for Progress” (P4P) initiative, connecting small farmers to markets helping them earn more money.

Ghana also is home to one of WFP’s five humanitarian response depots. Accra, Ghana’s capital city, hosts a rapid-response logistics hub for WFP and the humanitarian community. This response depot serves most of Africa in the case of an emergency.

If you want to learn more about Ghana and WFP’s work there click here. You’ll get a detailed picture of how WFP is helping improve the quality of lives of thousands of Ghanaians and have access to the latest news articles.

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