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Why Students Should Care About Hunger

We asked Christina, our October Online Intern, what she thought were the top 5 reasons students should care about hunger.

And, here's what she came up with.


  1. Access to food is a basic human necessity in life, and therefore is a basic human right.
  2. It is the responsibility of those with resources to help those without. I am determined to live for justice in the world, and hunger is a blatant injustice.  I believe that love and compassion for people is imperative to living a fulfilled life. I want to do all that I can with everything that I have to make a difference in the world.
  3. Other forms of development and aid such as education, rely on the assumption that people are living. Without food people do not live. Therefore fighting hunger is at the very foundation of international aid. With hunger being the number one health risk in developing countries, something has to be done!
  4. There IS enough food in the world to feed everyone. The injustice that is hunger should NOT be accepted as socially or globally unavoidable. 
  5. I can't sit back and know that one in four children in developing countries are malnourished and underweight, while the society I live in is battling obesity and greed.

I completely agree with you.

Great Reasons.

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