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One Romanian Student Brings Hunger Into Focus In Her Community

Meet Eliza. She’s a high school student in Romania who until recently had never learned about hunger or its scope and seriousness in the world. Then, she dove into learning about food security for a film contest – and now there’s no turning back. Here’s her story of how creating the film inspired her to become an advocate in the fight against hunger.

 My name is Eliza Maria Nitoi and I'm a high-school student in Rm.Valcea, Romania mostly studying math, IT, and English as a second language. Unfortunately, I used to not know a lot about the problem of hunger because at school we never learned about it -- or the millions of people it affects worldwide.

One day, I found out about the video contest held by World of 7 Billion. I had three subjects to choose from: food security, the global status of women/girls, and the ecosystem. When I decided eventually to focus my film on food security, I admittedly had no idea what I was going to talk about. What issues would I outline? I started to search for information, however, and that’s when I visited the WFP website. There, I read some powerful facts about hunger. That it is the world’s greatest solvable problem – and more importantly, that so many lives could be saved. After reading, I instantly decided that my video would be based on these hunger facts because there are still so many people who've never heard about them. I also had to convince my peers with whom I hoped to collaborate on the video because they also didn’t know anything about the big problem of hunger. They were a bit surprised when I told them about the subject of the video, but after making a few small adjustments to the script they agreed to help me.

As I said, the problem of hunger isn't discussed in my community at all. Most of the people around me have no idea that there are so many places and children affected by hunger. I really hope that my video will raise awareness about the issue of hunger and the impact we can make. At least starting here in my community, people will spend some time thinking about it because of my video. Then, maybe they’ll search for more information, bring up the subject in their conversations, inform other people about it, and help.

As for me, I'm pleased that I now know so many things about food security and hunger. I'm really taking into consideration getting involved in fighting hunger beyond what I did with this video. I was pleased when I saw there are programmes like WFP that save lives and raise awareness about hunger -- and that invite people to make a difference with them. This is how students like me, or anyone else wishing to make a change and fight hunger, can get involved.

You can watch Eliza’s video on food security and solving hunger here.

Written by Eliza Maria Nitoi