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To the graduating class of 2011

“Seize the moment – don’t wait for anyone to give you permission.” – Josette Sheeran, World Food Programme, Executive Director

It’s that time of year and thousands of students, just like you, have recently graduated from high school. As you are preparing to enter the work force or to continue your studies at an institution of higher learning, you may be feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what the future holds. You may have hopes of changing the world for good, but feel as though you have to attain a certain status first.
In a message of encouragement just for you, our Executive Director Josette Sheeran, said “Don’t wait until you are appointed a boss, lead now...pick an issue and make the world change.” Whether on the job or on your campus, you have the ability to be a messenger for those who are hungry in the world.
YOU are the generation that will change the world and YOU are the generation that is going to end hunger. You have the knowledge, the tools, and the passion to affect change. So take on the challenge and help us change the face of desperation in the world to one of hope and opportunity for everyone.