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From the Intern Desk: Daniela

This blog post is the first in a series of posts written by the interns of WFP. Check back often to see more posts from the intern desk.

At my university, we start lining up summer internships in January. By the end of February, you better have your internship banked, because most grant applications are due by March 1. And as a would-be human rights activist trying to find gainful employment in non-profit organizations (most of which could not afford to pay me), I would definitely need a grant.

Imagine my surprise, when, at the end of April, as classes were finishing up, I got an e-mail from the fine people of the Communications and Public Policy Strategy Division of the United Nations World Food Programme. They had read my resume. Was I interested in an internship?

The decision was a difficult one. I had already committed to working in South Africa all of June and July. I had left 30 glorious days in August for pure vacation. They were going to be a real break from the hectic scramble that is my college life. Did I really need to fill that precious time with more work? Plus, living in Rome (where WFP is headquartered) didn’t exactly seem cheap.

Fast forward to today, my eleventh day on the job, and I can’t believe I almost turned this internship down. I don’t fetch coffee. I don’t make copies. I work. As part of the Youth Outreach Team, I draw up classroom activities so that kids around the globe can learn the importance of fighting hunger. I draw up website mock-ups so that our work can be more accessible to all ages. I suggest starting an intern blog and a few days later, here I am, sharing my experiences with you in the first of many blog posts by WFP interns.

Every day, I can feel myself building on this global campaign to fight hunger. Just last week, I mentioned creating a podcast and now I’m told there may be something in the works. That’s satisfying. Being heard is satisfying. That’s why I’m working on giving a voice to the 1 billion hungry people in the world. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Daniela Nogueira is an intern in the Communications and Public Policy Strategy Division and likes lemon gelato and fighting hunger.