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To the Graduating Classes of 2009

 It’s that time of year again – Graduation!


Exams are finally over, and around the world, millions of students like you are graduating from High school and University, getting ready for a well-deserved break before moving on to higher education or the world of work.

It’s a time of change, a time to be proud of your efforts, and also a time for reflection. As you prepare for university, getting ready to leave home perhaps for the first time, or to leave your University campus,  it’s worth considering your role in the world.

As we move through 2009 and you move towards your futures, the world is moving towards having one billion people who are undernourished. That’s one in six of the total population of the planet.

Yet eliminating world hunger is not impossible. There is enough food on the planet for everyone to be well fed – it’s a matter of access, distribution, and global governance.

Consider this:

US $3.2 billion would feed every hungry schoolchild, (and there are 66 million of them), for a year – that’s less then 1% of the money we’ve spent on financial bailouts, economic stimulus packages, and conflicts…

Read the above point again – less than 1% (It costs just 25 cents to provide a nourishing meal for a schoolchild through WFP’s school feeding projects.)

Why do you as graduating students need to know about this? Well, it’s simple: Yours is the generation which can, and will effect change.

You are the next generation of parents, voters, workers and leaders. It’s through you that global perspectives on issues like hunger will change. It’s a huge responsibility, and we all need to work towards achieving it.

The First Millennium Development Goal is to “Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger by 2015”. Why? Helping hungry people saves lives and boosts economic growth – and most importantly, it feeds the future.

So – spread the word on your blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts - make some noise – let’s let the world know what needs to be done.

The world’s hungry are counting on us – we can’t afford to let them down…

Graham Bell - Youth Outreach Coordinator


I hope you were asked to speak at graduations!