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Snapshots From 2011

From conflict in Libya to the drought in the Horn of Africa, 2011 presented a challenging sequence of emergencies to WFP and other aid agencies. Here are 12 photos that look back on a year in WFP's fight against hunger.

liberian family standing in between tents in a refugee camp

Cote d'Ivoire


This family was among thousands that fled Cote d'Ivoire after post-election violence broke out. Many, like this one, took refuge in neighbouring Liberia, where they received food assistance from WFP in our first major operation of the year. Find out more

balquisa holding her food voucher



Balqisa stands in front of the food shop that she can now actually enter thanks to the WFP food voucher she is holding. Until now, she had to beg for food for herself and her family. Food vouchers are now a key component of WFP's assistance toolbox. Find out more

wfp poster in japan



When a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in the spring, WFP logistics experts helped speed relief supplies and mobile warehouses to some 350,000 people forced from their homes. Find out more

loaded wfp truck in libyaWFP/Abeer Etefa



A convoy of trucks crosses the Egyptian border into Libya, carrying emergency food rations for families in areas cut off by this year's conflict. WFP assisted over 1.1 million people in Libya 2011, as well as many who fled to Tunisia and Egypt. Watch video

somalian women bearing distraught expressions



Desperate to escape drought and famine in the south, many Somalis – including these two women -- fled their homes in search of food and security. WFP head Josette Sheeran went to Mogadishu to see the situation for herself. Find out more

somalian refugees holding hands and walkign to the camp



A group of Somali refugees come to the end of their 2-week trek through the desert to escape drought and famine. During the summer, around 1,200 people were arriving every day in the Dadaab refugee camp in eastern Kenya. Watch video diary 

Haythum Siddiq standing beside his brother



Haythum Siddiq, on the left, wants to be a doctor when he grows up. The meals he receives at his school in Darfur, are helping him pursue that goal. WFP provides more than 20 million children around the world with school meals every year. Read story

sadak before and after wfp helped him become nourished



On the left, the 18-month old Sadak Hassan Abdi photographed just after his long journey to escape famine in Somalia. He is severely malnourished. On the right, Sadak five weeks later, after receiving hospital treatment and nutritious Plumpy'Sup from WFP. Read story

pakistani woman feeind g apacket of food to her baby



Pakistan was hit by disastrous flooding for the second year-running. WFP reached nearly 3 million flood-affected people in Sindh and Balochistan with monthly food rations, including a new product called Wawa Mum, which protects children from malnutrition. Watch video

wfp staff member talking to a honduras mother holding her baby



A flood victim in Honduras describes the scale of the flooding in her village to a WFP staffer who has brought food relief. WFP responded to flooding emergencies in four Central American countries at the same time in October. View photo gallery

cambodian mother holdign her babyWFP/Polly Egerton



This woman and her child were among the 150,000 people who received emergency food assistance from WFP after the worst floods in a decade hit Cambodia, forcing thousands of people from their homes.  Watch video

nigerian man sitting in a dried field



This farmer in Niger finished harvesting early this year. Because of the drought, a harvest which ought to have lasted families through the Spring will only provide enough food for two or three months this year. Learn more