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Quinoa Recipe Presentation by the First Lady in Peru

On September 3, 2013, WFP participated in an event organized by PROMPERU.  The First Lady of the Nation and FAO's Special Ambassador, Nadine Heredia, introduced a quinua recipe book in the House of Peruvian Gastronomy. Her mission and the mission of the participants are to promote consumption, improve food security, and reduce malnutrition in Peruvian families.

WFP presented delicious and nutritious dishes with quinua and sangrecita (Chicken blood). These dishes were prepared by the beneficiary mothers and teachers of the “Promotion of Food Security and Nutrition to Reduce Anemia in Angamos, Ventanilla - WFP/REPSOL" Project.

The “Lasagna Quinoa and Sangrecita” and the “Quinua Zambito”, among others, were the winning recipes in the first Nutritious Dishes Contest. This event was organized by the WFP/REPSOL Project during the Nutritional Education Carnival that took place in the month of April due to the visit of the First Lady to the Project in Ventanilla.

  women holding dishes of quinua and sangrecita in front of a WFP bannerCoordinator of the WFP/REPSOL Project, Isela Yasuda, has worked for years with the communities.  Working hand in hand with the parents promoting appropriate feeding practices for their children. Their goal is to reduce chronic malnutrition and anemia; both greatly affect the development of children.

When asked about the WFP/REPSOL Project, Isela Yasuda was quoted saying: "It is gratifying to see that the mothers are learning and putting into practice the recommendations given. It is especially rewarding to see their enthusiasm when they do make progress in new preparation methods, and that the women are being recognized for their capacity of develop their own skills. It is encouraging to hear them mention the positive changes that the Project has on the health of their children and their community."

Elsa Santamaría, Verónica Ramírez and Irma Lara, have been actively participating with WFP over the past two years of the Project’s intervention into nutritional food issues. They have achieved through their preparation methods, the improvement of the daily supply practices in their family. They continue to promote quinua consumption and other foods rich in iron, such as sangrecita, to prevent anemia.