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Pakistan: One Day In A Mother's Life

Razia and her family were badly hit in the floods that devastated Pakistan last summer. But they're now getting back on their feet. Helped by food assistance from WFP, Razia's life is starting to return to normal. Here's one day in her life - six months after the floods. Watch video

MULTAN – Razia Bibi, 39, lives in a little village called Chandia in central Pakistan. She and her family lived on an embankment for a month last summer as monsoon flooding flattened all the homes in her community.

Bringing their four precious goats with them, they returned to the village as floodwaters subsided in September and they started to pick up the pieces of their lives. Monthly food rations from WFP have kept them going while they have rebuilt their house and slowly returned to normality.

Razia and her husband, who works in a tea-shop in a city 45 minutes away, were determined that they would not rebuild their house out of the same mud bricks as before. The soft blocks had melted away as the flood water rose.

They decided to sell three of their goats in order to pay for high-quality bricks which would be more resistant if there was another flood. Their new two-room house is more robust, although it is still very spartan.

Selling three goats has left them without any real assets – nothing to sell if another disaster hits the family. They’re hoping their one remaining goat will soon produce kids, which they can keep or sell.

Razia picked up the family’s last food ration in December. Now her husband is back at work and they have a house, she and her family are able to support themselves. Their six children are back at school and life seems to be almost normal again.