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A Mother From Syria Goes Shopping For Food

Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home to over 100,000 Syrians who used to depend on food provided to them directly by WFP. Now they’re able to shop for their own food thanks to a voucher programme introduced this month [Read story]. To show how they work, we went grocery shopping with a Syrian mother named Mariam and took these panoramic photos from her day.

Shopping for groceries

Mariam came to Zaatari refugee camp with her family to escape the fighting in Syria. Up until now, they have received food rations consisting of staples like bulgar wheat, lentils, oil, sugar and bread. But today, she’ll buy her own food at one of Zaatari’s food shops, using cash vouchers which WFP began distributing to families like hers this month. Click on the image to explore.

Cooking Lunch

Mariam can use the vouchers to buy fresh meat, eggs and cheese that allow her family a tastier and more varied diet. After she finishes shopping, Mariam heads home to cook lunch for her family. The routine adds a sense of normality to their lives as refugees. Click on the image to explore.

Home for now

This is the view from on top of the kitchen where Mariam prepares her family’s lunch. Zaatari is home to over 100,000 refugees like her. “Zaatari camp is becoming less of a camp and more like a city,” says WFP Emergency Coordinator Jonathan Campbell. “We want to ensure that refugees have access to shops near them and to a variety of food products.” Click on the image to explore.

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