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Harnessing The Internet: Online Billion Helps Hungry Billion

WFP is calling for a billion global citizens who have enough food to eat to take action to help feed the billion people on the planet who go to bed hungry each night.

ROME -- The Billion for a Billion campaign, the first ever global citizens' campaign to end hunger, is aimed especially at the billion internet users in the world. It is based on the idea that many people doing a little can shift mountains -- or, in this case, help eradicate hunger. Read news release

“For the first time in history one out of every six people doesn’t know how to fill a humble cup with food each day. This is essentially destabilising,” said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran as world leaders discussed the next steps in the fight against hunger at the World Food Summit in Rome. Read story

“At WFP we’re appealing to a billion people, a billion citizens who have enough to eat, to help us fill this cup. Let’s take citizen’s action and end hunger now,” she said, noting that if a billion people gave one euro or US$1.50 a week, we could feed all the hungry people in the world. Donate now


Private sector role

Billion for a Billion is built around online participation. And it's not just about individuals. The private sector, with its potential to reach thousands of clients and employees, also has an important role. 10 Ways Companies Can Help

As well as donating, supporters can also help fight hunger by spreading the word, using the multiple tools available to web users today.

It could be as simple as posting the Billion for a Billion video on your Facebook page or tweeting to a friend the fact that a child dies every 6 seconds of hunger-related causes.

Or you could join the Bloggers Against Hunger alliance. Or create your-own Fight Hunger T-shirt. Or enter our Hungerbytes contest to create the raciest short video about hunger.

Whatever you do, it will help. If you want to know more, visit our campaign page:

you are one of the billion people online that can help the billion people who are hungry, click to find out more