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At least 75,000 need food aid in El Salvador


In the wake of October's flooding, mudslides and vocanic activities at least 75,000 people will need WFP assistance in El Salvador, in addition to 100,000 already receiving food aid.

WFP response

  • WFP was able to respond immediately to the food needs of the 77,000 people evacuated in shelters, using existing resources of the Government of El Salvador and WFP warehouses.
  • An additional US$ 200,000 funding was quickly allocated to meet local logistics and staff needs.
  • WFP is working in close coordination with local organizations to ensure a fast delivery of food to the whole population living in shelters. Sound co-ordination resulted in a smooth and an overall good performance throughout this emergency operation.


  • A working group of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations is conducting a food needs assessment that will guide WFP through the rehabilitation phase.
  • Initial estimates indicate that at least 75,000 people will need food aid following October’s flooding, mudslides and volcanic activities. This is in addition to 100,000 women and children already scheduled to receive WFP aid over the next five months in El Salvador’s poorest districts.
  • The nutritional status of vulnerable groups, particularly young children and pregnant and lactating women, is seriously at risk as a result of the recent disasters and additional resources are urgently required.
  • The operation is facing shortfalls of 6,683 metric tonnes over the next five months.