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Hillary Clinton’s Africa Trip And WFP Operations

ROME – During her tour of Africa, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited four countries – Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Cape Verde -- where the World Food Programme is working to address urgent hunger needs and improve the lives of people struggling to meet their daily nutritional requirements.

Below is a brief summary of WFP’s activities in each of these four nations:

KENYA: WFP has tripled its 2009 assistance to reach nearly four million people struggling with high food prices and food shortages from four consecutive failed harvests due to drought. At a time when school children are being sent to work to help buy family meals, WFP has expanded its school meals programme to ensure youngsters don’t miss out on an education in order to eat. WFP is also focusing on drought-resistant and irrigated crops in its Purchase for Progress (P4P) project targeting small farmers.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: WFP delivers food assistance monthly to more than 1.1 million extremely vulnerable people, most of them displaced in the east. WFP also provides food assistance to local and international NGOs to complement the physical and psychological treatment of survivors of sexual violence and former child soldiers. In eastern North Kivu province, WFP is developing joint interventions with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) to work towards long term food security solutions for those receiving food assistance. WFP also assists other UN agencies and NGOs transport humanitarian supplies to remote areas.

LIBERIA: WFP is helping hundreds of thousands of Liberians – including refugees, displaced people and people living with HIV/AIDS -- rebuild their lives after the country’s 1989-2003 war. WFP works to connect farmers to markets through its Purchase-for-Progress (P4P) initiative and assists in the rehabilitation of ex-fighters through food-for-work projects. WFP collaborates with other UN agencies and the Liberian government on feeding programmes targeting children, pregnant and nursing women, orphans and the disabled. WFP’s school meals programme has reached almost 400,000 children since it began in 2003.

CAPE VERDE:  WFP provides nutritious meals to tens of thousands of school children in this chronically food-deficit island nation. WFP is currently helping Cape Verde’s government take over the school meals programme and mobilize donor support in a gradual handover that ends in July 2010.


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