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‘Embracing change’ at the P4P Annual Consultation

The fifth P4P Annual Consultation was held in Rome from 28 to 31 January 2014. It was attended by nearly 200 P4P stakeholders from around the globe, who discussed the pilot’s achievements, challenges, and objectives for the future. All participants attended the discussions on 29 and 30 January, while 28 and 31 January were internal sessions.

As the five-year P4P pilot phase draws to a close, the consultation’s theme was “Embracing Change.” The main focus was on moving the P4P concept into the post-pilot era. Representatives of farmers’ organizations, governments, private sector and development partners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the United Nations Rome-Based Agencies (RBAs) presented their perspectives, building on lessons learned, addressing achievements and challenges, filling gaps, and discussing objectives for the future. 

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A snapshot of the speakers:

Ertharin Cousin speaking at the podium

Ertharin Cousin
Executive Director
World Food Programme

“Learning from P4P is now a core part of WFP’s new strategy, and we are committed to supporting and delivering change for today’s farmers.”

Bornwell Kaunga speaking into a microphone

Bornwell Kaunga
Mwandama Farmers’ Organization, Malawi

“The first sale to WFP changed the whole mind-set of farmers in Mwandama. It convinced them that they could do business with the grain, if only they could be all together.”

Magreth Simon Mgeni speaking into a microphone

Magreth Simon Mgeni
Usomama Savings and Credit Cooperative, Tanzania

“Before P4P I was living in a mud house, but now I have an improved house. I am now taking my children to school without any problem. Today my neighbours are learning from me, understanding how the market works, and doing as I do.”

Ken Davies speaking at a podium

Ken Davies
P4P Global Coordinator
World Food Programme

“If one distils the essence of P4P to one word, it is catalyst. P4P has catalysed a great deal of positive change, across 20 diverse countries.”

Heather Oh speaking into a microphone

Heather Oh

Give a hand up, not a hand out, to foster farmers’ ownership and pride.”

Hon David lane speaking at a podium

Hon. David Lane
US Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome

“The United States is using the experience of P4P to improve other local and regional procurement programmes we support.”