“Now, more than ever, our commitment is needed to address the real issues the world is facing. In our close partnership with WFP we help to develop sustainable solutions to the problem of malnutrition.” Feike Sijbesma, DSM CEO

Royal DSM is a global sciences company and a world leader in the field of nutrition. DSM joined forces with WFP in 2007 to form the "Improving Nutrition, Improving Lives" partnership, lending its expertise to help improve the nutritional value of the food WFP distributes to those in need.

Specifically, DSM provides WFP with technical and scientific expertise in the field of high nutrient products and financial assistance. The partnership focuses on developing new and improved nutritious products, such as micronutrient powders and fortified rice, that help WFP not just deliver more food but also provide the nutrients necessary to fight hunger and prevent micronutrient deficiencies in vulnerable communities.

For the last two years, DSM has supported WFP on and around World Food Day by engaging online communities in social campaigns that raise awareness about hunger and its solutions.



Partner profile

Industry: Nutrition and life sciences.

Support Area: Nutrition and food fortification.

Geographical focus: Bangladesh, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, and Zambia.

Partnership Impact:

Developed new micronutrient products -- micronutrient powders and fortified rice.

Improved the formula of WFP's highly nutritious Super Ceral and Super Cereal Plus.

Contributes and raises cash for WFP's operations of greatest need.

Motivates employees to engage in fundraising and awareness raising intiiatives for WFP's school meals programmes around the world.

Partnership achievements:

ICIS (chemical industry news) Award 2008--Best Business Innovation went to DSM for their Nutritional Products and to WFP for the MixMe™ micronutrient powder.

Winner of a 2010 World Business and Development Award for its commitment to fight hunger and malnutrition around the world and contribution towards achieving the MDGs. 

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