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SPLASH: Zambia's new approach to food distribution.

Zambia - SPLASH cards 1

WFP recently launched SPLASH – an innovative way for beneficiaries in Zambia to receive their monthly food rations. The project has already begun in two major towns, Kafue and Livingstone, and will eventually expand across the country.

Zambia - SPLASH cards 2

Instead of everyone collecting their rations from a central distribution site on a specific day, beneficiaries can now choose when – and where – to pick up their monthly food assistance.

Zambia - SPLASH cards 3

Each SPLASH card contains two codes. When the first one is entered into the shopkeeper’s mobile phone, it shows how much food to hand over. The second code is entered after the beneficiary has received the correct amount.

Zambia - SPLASH cards 4

Shops across Livingstone and Kafue accept the SPLASH cards, cutting down on the distance that beneficiaries have to walk carrying their heavy monthly rations – and providing a boost to the local economy.

Zambia - SPLASH cards 5

During an initial trial run in the capital, Lusaka, a shopkeeper smiles after checking his phone and seeing that 385,000 Kwatcha had been transferred into his account by WFP immediately after providing food to five beneficiaries. SPLASH aims to be swift, secure and cost-effective – and provide spin-off benefits in the community.

Zambia - SPLASH cards 6

A beneficiary heads off with her monthly ration having used the scratch card system for the very first time. As all that is needed are a mobile network and a local market, this innovative approach could soon be seen in other parts of the country and indeed in other countries in the years ahead.