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Ethiopia: A Town Works To Transform Its Land

Land Outside Of Wukro

Much of the land outside the town of Wukro in northern Ethiopia looks like this – dry and brown.

A Green Transformation

WFP programs have helped transform the land surrounding the Endamino Primary School and larger Atsbi Womberta community into this – green! 

Tsegay Reda Works As A Tree Nursery Technician

Tsegay Reda works as a technician at a tree nursery (a very rare opportunity for a woman). She brings home 3 kgs of grain to feed her family for each day of work.

Students Of The Endamino School Plant Trees

Seedlings grown under Tsegay’s care are later planted throughout the community, including by students at the Endamino school. Students in the 1st grade get to plant their own tree, name it, and take care of it until they graduate.

Community's Efforts Lead To Larger Harvests

The community’s efforts to plant more trees and crops, along with work programmes which are helping terrace the hillsides to prevent erosion, led to larger harvests and more food for animals.

Profits From Healthy Cows Reinvested Back To The Students

Healthy cows at the Endamino school are producing big buckets of milk like this, all of which is sold to the community and the profits reinvested back into the school and its students.

Families Generate Income To Support Themselves

Activities like bee-keeping help families without land generate income to support themselves. Increased vegetation on the surrounding hillsides help the bees make this a very successful apiary. 

A Rare, Delicious Treat

And the bees allow a father to give his son a rare, delicious treat! 

Provided Lunches Keep Kids In School

At the Endamino Primary School, a school lunch keeps kids coming back day after day. Over the past 3 years, this school has had a 0% drop out rate. 

School Meals Increase Girls' Enrollment

School meals have also helped the enrollment of girls increase. Girls now make up 53% of the total student body.  

When Children Are Fed, Families Strengthen

By giving men and women the opportunity to do meaningful work in exchange for food to feed their children, entire families are strengthened.

In the town of Wukro in northern Ethiopia, WFP programs help transform the land surrounding the Endamino Primary School and the larger Atsbi Womberta community. Efforts to plant more trees and crops, along with work programs lead to larger harvests and more food for animals. And by giving kids a nutritious school meal and an education, the future of the Atsbi Womberta community is getting brighter every day.