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Women: the Frontline Against Hunger

Woman: queuing for food in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 2010 - a women queues for food at one of WFP's food distribution points.

Woman: Carrying food rations in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 2010 - a women carries a heavy bag of food on her head, from one of WFP food distribution points.

Women: Carrying buckets of water

Eritrea, March 2003 - Women carry buckets of water from a waterhole near Kuluku, Eritrea. Some girls walk over an hour everyday to gather water. 

Women: Farmers in their Maize field


Burundi, February 2009 - Farmers in their Maize field in Burundi.


Woman: lifting sack of food in Burundi

 Burundi, January 2006 - a woman hoisting a sack of rice weighing around 25kgs at a WFP food distribution in Burundi.

Woman: Carrying a heavy bag of food


Women: Cooking food at a transit center

DR Congo, Baraka, South Kivu, July 2006 - Women at the transit center welcoming and providing for the needs of the newly repatriated Congolese, who have just arrived on WFP ( amongst others) supported ship from the Tanzanian refugee camps which have been their homes for some of them since 1998, food is prepared.

Women: planting Geraniums

 Rwanda, Nyaruguru district, February 2007 - Women at work planting Geraniums

Producing food for School Meals

 Nablus, West bank, Dec 17, 2008 - women producing food for school meals.

Woman refugee in Somalia

 Wajid, Somalia, March 2006 - Batura Abderahman with her daughter Seynap, 2. They are 'new arrivals' in Leheley IDP camp, home to thousands of 'drop-outs', semi-nomadic herdsmen who are leaving the bush to come and live in camps near villages as their livestock is decimated by a persistent drought, abandonning their traditional lifestyle.

Women: WFP staff assisting women following flooding

 Ethiopia, Dire Dawa, August 2006 - Following devastating floods in eastern Ethiopia, a female staff member undertaking a rapid assessment and registration of survivors to determine the immediate food needs of an estimated 10,000 people left homeless by flash floods. 

Woman: smiling

 Lao People's Democratic Republic, June 2007 - Villagers in Ban Pakeu, Mahaxai District.


Woman: Carrying grass for sale

 Ethiopia, Awassa Region, September 2009 - Climate Change (MERET) Interventions. Women carrying grass grown in the MERET site that they will sell in the market to get a small income. Before the MERET intervention, there was no grass in the area.  

Woman: farmer in the swamps of Kigali-Ngali

Rwanda, Rovubu, February 2005 - TherĂ©se Nikuze in the swamps of Rovubu, Kigali-Ngali.

Woman: Learning to read and write in Bolivia

Bolivia, Oruro, January 2006 - women receive WFP food assistance to attend classes and learn how to read and write both in their native language and in Spanish. In Peru, WFP assists over 11 thousand women, in vulnerable communities, allowing them to learn new skills in order to take more control of their lives.


Girls: receiving school meals in Ecuador

Ecuador, February 2003 - As well as providing vital nourishment, school meals act as a safety net for poor families and also help keep their children in school. Among the key beneficiaries are girls.



 Women are the frontline against hunger. Not only do they cook food, in developing nations they produce 60 to 80% of the food and are often the sole breadwinners. Send a message of solidarity to these women who carry the burden of feeding their families -