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Tajikistan: WFP Welcomes Donation of Russian Wheat Flour

Tajikistan: Children Greet WFP and Russian Delegates

Primary school children in the rural town of Yavan greet the visitors from with flowers and tributes pronounced in Tajik, Russian and English.

Tajikistan: Children Eat Nutritious School Meals

The children's soup is accompanied by bread made from WFP fortified wheat flour. The children have the meal after the second class of the day.

Tajikistan: A Nutritious School Meal

The children's soup is made from fortified flour, vegetable oil and salt, all supplied by WFP, and supplemented by vegetables from the school garden maintained by the Parent-Teachers' Association.

Tajikistan: WFP Staffer in Traditional Dress

WFP's Nigina Nazarova, wearing Tajik traditional dress, awaits the visitors with the ceremonial flatbread and bowl of honey.

Tajikistan: Workers Unload the Wheat

The seal is broken on the wagon and the doors pulled open so that the labourers can begin unloading the sacks of wheat.

Tajikistan: WFP Stocks the Russian Flour

 A forklift carries the wheat flour from the wagon into the warehouse.

Tajikistan: The Russian Ambassador Surveys the Wheat

Russian ambassador Yuri Popov, flanked by WFP Country Director Alzira Ferreira, examines a bag of wheat printed with the markings of the Russian Federation.

Tajikistan: WFP Tajikistan Director Signs the Logbook with Russian Ambassador

Russian ambassador Yuri Popov and Country Director Alzira Ferreira sign the logbook to acknowledge the receipt of the flour.

Tajikistan: The Russian Ambassador Speaks to the Media

WFP Ambassador Yuri Popov gives an interview to reporters.

Tajikistan: The Russian Ambassador Receives a Token of Appreciation


The Russian Ambassador is presented with a framed wheat flour bag to the applause of the WFP staff and guests.


WFP put on a lively and colourful “welcome ceremony” for a large donation of fortified wheat and flour in the capital Dushanbe on April 15. The Russian ambassador to Tajikistan, Yuri Popov, along with senior officials from the Government of Tajikistan, was greeted with the traditional Tajik ceremony of bread  - made with a small amount of the Russian flour - and honey (for which Tajikistan is famous). WFP and the Russian delegation then travelled to the town of yavan in Khatlon region to see primary children eating a hot meal as part of a school feeding programme, supported largely through Russian donations. The Russian Federation has contributed 10,000 metric tonnes of flour (U.S.$5.5 million) to WFP Tajikistan.