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WFP Responds To Flood Affected Communities

Road in Maganja da Costa district

Many of the roads in the flood affected districts of Zambezia are unusable, therefore the logistics of food delivery is challenging

Anita Dias's house

Apart from the roof sheets, not much else is salvageable from Anita Dias’s house. Despite the fact that her abode had three bedrooms and a spacious lounge, its flawed construction meant that the walls didn’t withstand the heavy rain and wind which the intemperate climate brought to Anita’s village. Anita recieved food assistance as her sweet potato and rice fields were damaged in the cyclone

Food delivery in Maganja da Costa

350 families wait for food assistance after floods destroyed their crops.

Maria Lopes recieves food

Maria Lopes recieves 50 kg of maize for her family of six. This will enable the family to bridge the food gap which has been created by the cyclone in Zambezia province

Loading boats

In order to reach some of the remote communities, WFP has to transport food assistance by boat as road access is impossible. This district of Zambezia province has over 1,000 km of roads affected by flooding

WFP staff load boats with Maize bags

The boat is able to take 15 sacks at a time which means the WFP staff will have to make over 30 trips to fulfill the needs of this community

Flooded rice field

Many of the rice fields in the Maganja da Costa district were flooded. This particular field was immersed in four feet of water.

Flooded house

Over 5,000 houses in the Maganja da Costa district of Zambezia province were affected by floods. Teja Mabaso and his little brothers Ze and Tsimo are happy to forage around and explore the new landscape of their house. The moat around the kitchen and fallen trees were brought about by cyclone Fuso in late January, which changed their familiar playground into a new world. Teja and his family have lost 80% of their food stocks.

The combined effect of tropical storm Dando and cyclone Funso, which hit the Mozambican coastline in late January, caused flooding and wind damage in four provinces of Mozambique. In total, the storms affected some 108,000 people and 97,500 hectares of productive land. WFP responded by providing food to flood-affected communities in support of the Government's overall relief package