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WFP Provides Food To Congolese Refugees In Rwanda

Reaching the hungry

WFP field staff supervise general food distribution at Kigeme refugee camp.

Heading back to the family

WFP food offers a lifeline to Congolese refugees in Rwanda

A tent camp of thousands

Located in Rwanda's Southern Province, Kigeme refugee camp is home to 15000 Congolese refugees who fled the conflict in eastern DRC in early 2012.

Thanks, Mom!

Thirty-one-year-old Nzamukosha Mutoni, a mother of six, feeds her year-old malnurished child. WFP provides supplementary feeding in refugee camps to children under five years of age.

Hot meals in tough times

Refugee Safina Munganyinka cooks WFP-provided food

In Rwanda, WFP provides monthly general food distribution to refugees  to meet their daily food requirements. The most vulnerable segments of the population also receive additional rations under safety net interventions. These safety net mechanisms include: blanket supplementary feeding for children 6 - 23 months of age, blanket supplementary feeding for pregnant and lactating women, provision of a mid-morning meal to primary school children, curative supplementary feeding for moderately malnourished children 24 - 59 months of age.