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WFP Hunger Advocate Yudhika Sujanani Visits Lesotho

Connecting With Children

Yudhika Sujanani has recently become a WFP Hunger Advocate and in June 2013 traveled to Lesotho for the first time to see first-hand how WFP is working with vulnerable communities to overcome hunger and malnutrition. 


Cooking for a Brighter Future

A local man works for the School Meals programme at Montsi Combined School in the district of Thaba Tseka. He cooks 2 daily meals for more than 200 students including this meal consisting of fish, a maize meal porridge and beans. School Meals ensure that attendance rates stay high in mountainous regions where WFP-supported schools operate. 

Simple Gestures

WFP supports schools which are located in the high mountainous regions of Lesotho, areas which are very challenging to reach and where simple things like oranges and other fruit are in short supply. 

Raising Awareness

Yudhika is using her fame and success in South Africa to help WFP raise awareness of the hunger and malnutrition issues taking place next door in Lesotho. This year more than 220,000 people in Lesotho will require humanitarian assistance. 

Learning New Skills

While in Lesotho, Yudhika had the opportunity to visit one of the WFP supported "Positive Deviance" clubs, a place where community members exchange ideas and learn new cooking and preparation skills to improve the nutritional status of their families. 

A Community Solution

Men and women in the community who have healthy families show others in their village how to enrich foods with extra nutrients, as well as new ways to store food which can be used during the lean season. 

With These Hands

Members of the Positive Deviance Club take Yudhika inside the house to show her their handmade bread enriched with carrots and pulses. 

New Ideas

Excess food used to rot in the fields, but Yudhika learns that through WFP supported Positive Deviance Clubs community members are learning new preservation skills such as jarring and canning, as well as a variety of alternative ways to prepare nutritious foods with local ingredients. 

South African celebrity chef, TV personality and WFP Hunger Advocate Yudhika Sujanani travelled to Lesotho’s highland districts in June 2013 to see how WFP is helping people overcome the challenges of hunger and food insecurity during the southern African winter. The Republic of South Africa has this year donated ZAR 180 million to assist WFP with programmes which help malnourished children as well as pregnant and nursing women.