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WFP Guinea-Bissau Conducts Food Security Assessments

Cluster system
Conducting food security assessments
Visiting a nutrition centre
Food traders
Action plan

The political and the socio-economic situation of Guinea-Bissau has been shaken on 12th April by the military coup d’état, causing the paralysation of all public services and schools and forcing several families to flee Bissau and seek refuge in different regions of the country.

WFP has since fielded a sequence of quick field missions to assess the evolution of the food security situation in the country.  Information collected with the collaboration of the local NGOs included: the influx of people; the rice stocks available; the price fluctuation of the basic foodstuffs; and the commercialization of cashew nuts. Several Regular field missions have been undertaken as from 17th April countrywide, covering 26 sectors in all regions, including Bissau, but excluding Bolama and the archipelago of Bijagós.