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WFP Food Assistance Reaches Refugees in Burundi

Refugee Children 1

Child helps fetch water at the Bwagiriza Refugee Camp in Southeast Burundi. Most refugees at this camp are from the Democractic Republic of Congo.

Refugee Children 2

Refugee child at Bwagiriza camp in Southeast Burundi. These children rely almost entirely on WFP food rations which ensure their nutritional and cognitive growth.

Refugee Children 3

Life in refugee camps is tough, especially for children. The food they get from WFP helps them worry less about eating and focus more on their education. Bwagiriza Refugee Camp in south-east Burundi has its own school.

Refugee Children 4

This child was born in Bwagiriza Refugee camp. UNHCR, the Government of Burundi and its partners ensure the camps remain as livable as possible. WFP/Marc Neilson

WFP food assistance reaches 20,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have fled to Burundi to escape ethnic violence. There are four refugee camps in Burundi housing mostly Congolese. The children in this gallery are from the Bwagiriza Camp in the Southeast of the country (Ruyigi). For most refugees, their only hope is to one day return to their land of origin. In the meantime, UNHCR, the Government of Burundi, WFP and its partners ensure a basic standard of living is upheld in the camps through security, medical services, education and food assistance.