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South Sudan: WFP Begins Food Distribution In Bentiu

WFP and partners begin food distribution in Bentiu

Bentiu, the capital of Unity State, was the scene of fierce fighting during the conflict that erupted in South Sudan in mid-December. Much of the city was destroyed and looted

Many of the people of Bentiu fled the city during the conflict.

Some are beginning to come home now, only to find that their houses were burned to the ground during the violence, and they have lost everything.

Food distributions begin in Bentiu

WFP and its partner are distributing food to people who have returned home to Bentiu after fleeing the city during the conflict.

Distributions started on 11 February

WFP aims to reach 20,000 people in two locations: at the Bentiu Independence Stadium and at a local primary school.

People queue to receive their rations

WFP is providing a 15-day ration of cereals, pulses, vegetable oil and iodised salt.

All those returning to Bentiu must be registered before receiving their rations

Here, a WFP staff member inks the fingers of a woman and her baby as part of the registration process.

WFP is assisting thousands of returnees

Nyakworon and one of her seven children, about to leave the Bentiu Independence Stadium after receiving food assistance from WFP.

Nyakworon says she is happy about the food.

Her family, like many in Bentiu, fled their homes for several weeks. Upon their return they found their home has been looted and they are now left without food supplies.

WFP and its partners are distributing cereals, oil, salt and pulses

Nyombol -- a mother of seven children -- carries her family's tin of fortified vegetable oil.

Distribution centre

 A disabled woman, Lamm Thior, was brought  in a wheel-barrow to the distribution centre at a primary school in Bentiu.

WFP compound

During the violence and looting  that ravaged Bentiu, the WFP compound in the city was not spared, but WFP staff are carrying on with their work. WFP's Elisama Wani (R) and a security guard collect ration cards that were strewn all over the ground after the WFP offices were ransacked and looted.

WFP staff look for ration cards amid the destruction

The salvaged cards are being used in the distribution for returning residents that started the 11th of February. Each card must be signed by a WFP staff member before it can be used to collect rations.

Some food -- like sorghum and oil -- was salvaged from the looted warehouses.

The food is stacked and ready for distribution at the school premises.

Food airlifted to Bentiu

Salt and split peas were airlifted in to supplement the oil and sorghum. Here, a porter unloads a truck of food to be distributed to returning residents who had fled the fighting in town.

Bentiu, the capital of Unity State, has seen violent fighting during the conflict that erupted in South Sudan in mid-December. Many of the people who fled the city are now beginning to come home, only to find that their posessions have been burned and looted. WFP and its partner have begun distributing food to people who have returned home to Bentiu. The first distribution took place on 11 February.