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UN Agencies celebrate World Food Day in Somalia by promoting fish eating to fight hunger

A fisherman casting his hook into the river

After receiving training and fishing gear, a fisherman on the riverbank prepares to cast his hook and participate in the fishing competition organized by WFP and FAO to mark World Food Day in Dolow, southern Somalia.  

Some of the fishermen coming back with their catch

Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa, yet fishing remains a minority activity and fish is not part of most people’s diet. WFP and FAO hope to encourage food insecure Somalis to eat more fish and make use of their natural resources. Here, some of the fishermen returning with their catch. 

Children clapping for the winner of the fishing competition

After all the fishermen return the public decides who caught the biggest fish. The children clap for the winner. 

Prizes for the winner of the fishing competition

Sungval Tunsiri, the head of WFP's office in Dolow, awards the winner of the fishing competition a prize consisting of an icebox, cooking oil and a chopping board.

Celebrating for the winner

A group of Somali women singing after winner is announced and the prize is awarded.

A demonstration of how to prepare fish

The World Food Day event included a public demonstration on how to cut and clean fish before cooking.

A cooking demonstration

A young girl looks on as the seasoned pieces of fish are cooked during the exhibition.

A drama in Somali highlighted the nutritional benefits of fish.

A short drama in Somali highlighted the nutritional benefits of fish,  focusing on the benefits for young children and pregnant women. 

The public is invited to taste the cooked fish

The freshly cooked fish is presented to the public so they can taste it.

Giving fish a try for the first time

An elderly man who has never eaten fish tries it for the first time. After trying the fish, he says he is now a fan!

A tasty treat

A young boy enjoys his plate of fish.

The end of a successful day.

Happy World Food Day!

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have joined together with Somali authorities to encourage Somalis to eat more fish as a way to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa country. Despite Somalia’s enormous marine resources, the country’s fishing industry remains largely underdeveloped and its fisheries unexploited. This is partly due to decades of conflict and piracy on the high seas – but also because fish does not form part of the traditional Somali diet.