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Sri Lanka: First Cash Voucher Programme

Good Changes Stem From Strong Partnerships

WFP staff and government representatives at the launch of WFP's new cash voucher programme in Jaffna, northern Sri Lanka. 

Food Choices

WFP vouchers provide food choices for over 20,000 men, women and children who have recently returned to their homes after decades of displacement.

Nutrition Variety

Twenty different food items available in local shops may be purchased with the vouchers.

The Power Of Choice

Mauikadevi Parathalingam has a husband and two young children.  She explains through WFP's Cash Voucher programme she can now buy food that her family prefers to eat.                

Supporting Local Markets

With her voucher, Mauikadevi shops for chickpeas, salt, sugar, wheat flour, onions, tomatoes, tea leaves, black gram and chilies.

Happy Communities

Men and women waiting in-line to receive their WFP vouchers. Like Mauikadevi, they are happy to have an opportunity to diversify their diets.

 WFP Sri Lanka implements its pilot Cash and Voucher programme in Jaffna.