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Small Scale Farmers Taking Farming As Serious Business

Golden Lwiindi 1

Golden Lwiindi and his family are smallholder farmers in Zambia's Southern Province and cultivate maize, cow peas, velvet beans and ground nuts. Golden is proud that he can afford to send all his children to school, thanks to his various revenue streams.

Golden Lwiindi 2

Golden has been busy ripping his land in preparation for the coming planting season. This year, he plans to increase his acreage of cow peas rather than focusing on maize alone (Zambia's staple crop).

Golden Lwiindi 3

Since taking over his father's farm in 2004, Golden has constructed several new buildings and has diversified his farming activities.

Golden Lwiindi 4

In July 2010, Golden received a shelling machine on loan through WFP's Purchase for Progress (P4P) programme. He plans to repay the final US$600 within the next month.

Golden Lwiindi 5

Golden is adament about good record keeping. He records all production costs and amounts and is therefore able to determine profits/losses which helps him plan better for the future.

Golden Lwiindi 6

Currently, Golden sells herbicides to nearby farmers. Thanks to the profits from the shelling machine, he is now constructing a grocery shop on his farm which his wife will manage.

Golden Lwiindi, 40, is a smallholder farmer in Zambia’s Southern Province. In the past five years, he has bred over 50 goats, developed his farm, planted and sold a variety of crops, and bought a hammer mill. He says the secrets to his success are thinking of farming as a way to make money not just as a traditional way of life, adopting new technologies and methods, crop diversification, record keeping and good planning.