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School Meals Programme in Haiti

School meals in Haiti - 1

The dinner lady arrives in a classroom with two buckets containing lunch. The food has earlier been prepared in the kitchen of St. Pierre Claver school in Gonaives

School meals in Haiti - 2

At the back of the classroom, 4th year teacher, Mme Guerlene Dormeus, serves lunch made from rice, beans and oil. The ingredients are provided by WFP.

School meals in Haiti - 3

Vanessa hands out the plates to her classmates. For many children – most of whom come from poor families - this will be their only meal of the day.

School meals in Haiti - 4

The children say grace before their meal. Some of their families have lost everything in last year’s devastating hurricane, including homes and livelihoods.

School meals in Haiti - 5

In another school in Gonaives – St. Francois d’Assise – the kitchen staff serves lunch. Today, the nuns who run the school have added vegetables and processed meat to the menu.

School meals in Haiti - 6

A couple of satisfied customers. In all, 36,829 primary school children in 100 schools in Gonaives are receiving daily meals with the help of WFP.

School meals in Haiti - 7

After grace, the students tuck in. When asked what they’d like to become when they grow up, all the children seem to have an answer: a teacher, a doctor. One little girl says “a nun”.

School meals in Haiti - 8

Angelica and her classmates at the Ecole St. Pierre Claver in Gonaives have just had lunch served at their desks. The ingredients – rice, beans and vegetable oil – were provided by WFP and cooked in the school kitchen.

Many Haitian families lost everything in last year’s devastating hurricane. School meals are a good way to channel vital nourishment to poor children. Having a full stomach also helps them to concentrate better on their lessons.