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Protecting Livestock Leads to Food Security in Zimbabwe

Dip Tank 1

Women collect stones to repair a cattle dip tank, part of WFP's Food for Assets programme in Masvingo.

Dip Tank 2

During the rainy season, cattle can sink into the ground as they wait to enter the dip tank. Community members are currently building a cement floor and receive monthly food rations for their labour.

Dip Tank 3

The dip tank previously belonged to commercial farmers. However, in recent years, it became dilapidated and unusable. This particular project was made part of WFP's Food for Assets programme in July 2012. The rehabilitation work is due to be completed by October of this year.

Dip Tank 4

Community members work four hours per day, for 15 days a month on this project. In addition to rehabilitating the main tank, they are building holding pens for the cattle.  

Dip Tank 5

Some 190 people are currently rehabilitating the dip tank, which will benefit approximately 400 households.

Dip Tank 6

Group secretary Jacob Chirindo says group made 3,000 bricks in one week, which will be used to build an office and a toilet block.

Dip Tank 7

Making a start...foundations for the toilet block.

Dip Tank 8

In addition to receiving monthly food rations from WFP while they work, group members are being trained on dip tank management and maintenance, as well as on organic compost preparation.

A small community in Masvingo are repairing an unusable dip tank for their cattle, as part of WFP's Food for Assets programme.