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Nepal: Village Water Project Lightens Burden On Women

Women As Change Agents

Women of Paira village of Bajhang district from Nepal's Far-western region have been receiving cash remuneration for the work on a project that builds protective structures around the natural source of water in the area. 

Cash Dividend

The women learned basic construction work, giving them new skills and potential employment opportunities beyond household chores. The cash payment they receive in exchange for their work is an additional income stream for the household and can contribute to greater food security. 

Harsh Life Made Easier

The project, which WFP implemented - thanks to support from the German development agency GIZ - has improved access to water for people in the entire village. In Nepal, lack of water puts an extra burden on women and girls who walk for miles to fetch water. 

Clean And Safe

Using handmade tools like shovels, pickaxes and hammers, the community participants dug and flattened the sloped area around the stream and fenced it with rocks and wires to prevent cattle from grazing in it and polluting the water. Three taps were constructed mounted on a cement wall.

Better Life

"My workload has somewhat eased now. I can use clean water for drinking and washing clothes anytime," said Kalma Devi Bohara. Making safe water available allows women to practice good sanitation and hygiene.

Team Work

The community has formed a committee to look after the maintenance of the water source structure.

A water source protection project is bringing in multiple benefits for women in the remote village of Paira in the west of Nepal.