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Myanmar: WFP Prepares For Cyclone Mahasen

Distributing Food To Vulnerable Families

WFP distributes food to an average of 125,000 IDPs in Rakhine state each month. At the Bawdupha camp in Sittwe, 10 families live in this longhouse, where WFP is one of their only sources of food.

Food To Help Displaced People Get Through The Storm

WFP delivers over 2,000 metric tonnes of food each month to displaced people in Rakhine state. As of mid-May, nearly all of WFP's food for May has already reached vulnerable IDPs.

Relocating Before It Hits

As Cyclone Mahesen approaches, humanitarian actors are supporting the Government's efforts to relocate displaced people from temporary homes and shelters like this area called Manzi Junction, in Sittwe.

Leaving It To Luck

Mullah Anwar Hussein lives inside one of the tents with seven other family members. Government representatives have come daily to tell them to evacuate to safer locations. "We've heard about the cyclone," he says. "But we will not leave. It depends on our luck. We've already lost everything."

Moving To Safer Locations

The Government is helping to move residents from the Khaung Dote Tar camp to safer locations in preparation of the storm.

Pre-positioned WFP Food Stocks

WFP has 4,000 tonnes of rice available in Rakhine to assist with any emergency needs that may arise due to Cyclone Mahasen.

Securing Food Stocks From The Rain

WFP readies and secures its warehouse in Sittwe in preparation for the coming storm.

Ahead of the storm, WFP secures food stocks and distributes food, ensuring that vulnerable people in Rakhine have enough to see them through.