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Jessica Watson meets school kids in Laos

Villagers welcome Jessica in Ban Na

Jessica Watson, who became the youngest person ever to sail around the world by herself at the age of 16, recently travelled to Laos with WFP to learn more about the fight against hunger in one of the Southeast Asia's poorest countries. Here, she's welcomed by residents in the village of Ban Na in the Toomlarn district of southern Laos.

Jessica in school storage house

Jessica Watson in a WFP store house with bags of rice and corn soya blend (CSB), which were donated to Laos by the Australian government. WFP's school meals programme in Laos aids in the building of storage facilities like these, as well as kitchens, at participating schools.

Jessica distributing schools meals to students

Jess serves lunch to these students in southern Laos. Today, that consists of WFP-supplied CSB mixed with bananas, sugar and water, and then fried in oil. In Laos, it's a mid-morning snack given around 9-10am - many children do not have breakfast before coming to school and this helps them concentrate on their lessons. Schools then break for lunch and most children will go home to eat.

Jessica Watson with students in class

Jess talking with students during her visit in a primary school in Lao Ngarm district.

Jessica sampling school meals

Jessica Watson has a taste of the meal cakes prepared for school children in southern Laos. WFP-supplied CSB is mixed with sugar, bananas and water and the resulting paste is steamed in a banana leaf. Here, it is fried in vegetable oil - both sugar and oil are provided by WFP. 

Jessica playing Frisbee with school kids in Laos

During her tour of southern Laos, Jessica Watson had the chance to play frisbee with local school children.

Jessica Watson, the youngest person to sail non-stop and unassisted around the world, visited a Primary school in the Village of Ban Nabone, in the Saravane Province, Laos.