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Jamelia In Kenya's Biggest Slum

Jamelia Serving Lunch

British pop star Jamelia is supporting 'The Really Good School Dinner' campaign to raise money for WFP school feeding. She visited Kibera, Africa's biggest slum, to find out how donations to WFP school feeding are spent.

Stara School

Jamelia visited STARA School in Kibera. WFP school meals offered to pupils at STARA give children an incentive to go to school and help them concentrate on their studies.

School Kitchen

At lunchtime, pupils receive a nutritious hot porridge made of maize flour, lentils and cooking oil fortified with vitamin A.

Boy With Red Cup

For most children their only meal of the day is their school lunch. It is a very good reason to go to school. In the first year of assistance alone, schools receiving WFP food have seen enrolment increase by 28% for girls and 22% for boys.

School Dining Room

School feeding can break the cycle of undernutrition. Children of parents who have spent more time in formal education are often less stunted and live longer.

Jamelia In Class

School feeding has proven particularly successful at increasing the number of girls attending classes. Girls who go to school marry later and have on average 50 per cent fewer children.

British pop star Jamelia, who is supporting Britain's The Really Good School Dinner campaign, went to Kenya to see for herself how money donated to WFP School feeding is spent.