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Howard G. Buffett And Eva Longoria Visit Guatemala

Howard G. Buffett and Eva Longoria's trip to Guatemala 01

Howard G. Buffett and his guest Eva Longoria visited the Farmers’ Association of Nueva Concepcion in the department of Escuintla, Guatemala, located 156 km (97 mi.) from Guatemala City.

Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 02

The Farmers’ Association of Nueva Concepcion  was the first organization to participate in the Purchase For Progress (P4P) initiative in Guatemala. In the photo, Joel Martinez, President of the Farmers’ Association with Eva Longoria.

Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 03

Thanks to the donation of machinery from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the farmers’ association has received a revenue of some US$23,000 after leasing the equipment to its associates and the other members of the community. The aim of P4P is to connect small holder farmers to local markets so they generate income and improve the lives of the their families.

Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 04

WFP brings technical assistance to this organization, with the support of its Field Technicians. The project includes teaching better farming practices, organizational strengthening, demonstration plots, gender equality, coordination with other partners and counterparts (IICA; FAO) and the identification of opportunities to market beans and corn.

Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 05

This association visited by Howard G. Buffett and Eva Longoria has a total membership of 84 people, 18 of whom are women. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation supports projects such as P4P to create opportunities and strengthen family unity in the countries where it works whereas the Eva Longoria Foundation works with immigrant women in the United States.

Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 06

The growth of the organization through these processes has been significant. At the moment, the organization can count on a strong and transparent leadership and active members, with concrete goals for the future. The organization manages its own revolving founds and is negotiating additional credit for members with a service provider of local agriculture.


Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 07

Farmers participating in the P4P initiative prepare a sample of the products they grow in the area of Nueva Concepcion, Escuintla, with the support of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Howard G. Buffett y Eva Longoria in Guatemala 08

Howard G. Buffett listens to farmer Armando Garcia during his visit to Guatemala, with actress Eva Longoria, to learn about the impact that the Howard G. Foundation Buffett is having on family farmers in Nueva Concepcion, Escuintla, through the P4P initiative.


Howard G. Buffett, Chairman of the HGB Foundation, and his guest, Eva Longoria, founder of the Eva Longoria Foundation, which works towards empowering Latinas in the U.S., were in Guatemala visiting the Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative.