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Horn of Africa: A Family Arrives In Dadaab

Arriving In Dadaab 1

Saruuro Mohamud, 51, her husband Hassan Osman Kassim, his mother , their six children and orphaned niece were among a group of relatives and friends who fled their hometown of Dinsoor in Somalia due to drought and conflict.  Since the beginning of June, Dadaab has been receiving an average of 10,000 refugees per week, almost all of them from Somalia.


Arriving In Dadaab 2

The refugees, most of who are women and children walk for long distances with little water and food. When they arrive at the camp, they are in poor shape, some, especially children below the age of five years suffering from malnutrition.  Saruuro had to carry her 7 year-old son, Muslimo, who is physically disabled – a task that is hard to do if you have to walk for a long distance on an almost empty belly.

Arriving In Dadaab 3

When refugees arrive at the camp, they are in poor shape and some, especially children below the age of five years, are suffering from malnutrition.  Saruuro is pictured here with one of her children and her mother-in-law.  The family trekked for 25 days with little food and water, walking mostly at night - when it is cooler - in an attempt to reduce the amount of water they needed to drink. 

Arriving In Dadaab 4

“Allah hamdullilah” (thanks to the Almighty) Saruuro Mohamud exclaimed when her family was issued with food by WFP.  The family was exhausted, hungry and thirsty after the long trek from Somalia.  A glimmer of hope leapt to their eyes when they arrived at the reception center at Dagahaley in Dadaab refugee camp which soon turned to joy when they received a 15-day ration of food.

Arriving In Dadaab 5

On arriving at Dagahaley, the exhausted and hungry family dropped their few belongings to the ground and sat down to take stock of their surroundings. After a brief rest, they went through the process of being recognised as asylum seekers and each got a yellow wrist band which identified them as refugees. They then received non food items (NFIs) which included utensils and a 15 day food ration as they await registration after which they will be included in the regular food manifest for refugees at the camp.

Arriving In Dadaab 6

Saruuro Mohamud, her husband Hassan Osman Kassim and their children are thrilled to receive food aid from WFP.

After a 25-day trek from Somalia, a family arrives at Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya and exhaustion turns into joy when they receive a 15-day ration of food from WFP.