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Home After The Fighting In Eastern DR Congo

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Workers stack boxes of food onto trucks at WFP's Goma area office for distribution to people returning home in North Kivu. Better security conditions in parts of the province allowed WFP to deliver food to more than 60,000 returnees in early December.


Checking the lists

At Kibumba, about an hour's drive north of Goma, humanitarian workers check WFP food distribution lists for displaced people coming home.

Waiting line

People wait patiently in line for WFP rations of maize flour, oil, salt and pulses.

And baby makes three

After weeks of hardship, these women will be able to cook a hearty meal for their families with WFP rations.

Bringing home the maize

Residents head home with their rations to the village of Buhumba, about two kilometres from a WFP food distrubution point.

Using all kinds of ways on a chukudu, a traditional North Kivu push bike.

Rebuilding after the conflict

WFP food is helping people returning to Buhuma village reconstruct their lives.

Back to farming

Buhuma's residents depend on the land for a living. Armed groups pillaged their harvests of cauliflower, potatoes and beans.

And back to school

Buhuma's primary school has reopened...which makes these kids very happy.

With a lull in the violence in parts of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of displaced people are going home. In early December, WFP began distributing food to more than 60,000 of these returnees in North Kivu, so they can rebuild their homes and get back to farming.