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South Sudan: WFP Airlifts Food To Families Fleeing Violence In Jonglei State

WFP trucks loading up the helicopter

WFP launched an operation to provide food assistance to tens of thousands of people uprooted by violence in Pibor County of Jonglei State in South Sudan. The operation is taking place in areas where the humanitarian community has been able to gain access into Pibor County, with distributions in Dorein and Pibor Town. These areas are difficult to reach, requiring the use of helicopters to airlift the food commodities.

Helicopter airlifts food

The helicopter airlifts the food commodities out to the emergency area.

Helicopter arrives bringing food assitance

Assistance in difficult-to-reach areas requires the use of helicopters to bring the food commodities to displaced communities.

Woman seeking refuge

Clashes between government forces and insurgents as well as renewed violence between the Lou Nuer and Murle communities have forced many women and children to seek refuge in forest location.

Woman carrying WFP food assistance

WFP plans to provide assistance to 60,000 through to December as aid agencies gain more access to more people displaced by the violence in Pibor County.

Food assistance comes as a welcome support

Many families say they have gone for months without a proper meal. The food assistance is a welcome support.

Woman bringing food assistance to her family

A woman carries a bag of sorghum on her head and heads to the area where her family has sought refuge.

Receiving food assistance

A member of the displaced communities in Dorein smiles as he lifts a 50kg sack of lentils from the area where it was unloaded from the helicopter to the distribution point.

Woman with received food assistance

A woman in Dorein sits next to the food assistance including a sack of sorghum and a tin of vegetable oil she has just received from WFP for her family. The assistance also includes salt and lentils.

Helicopter departs after dropping off food assistance

A helicopter departs after airlifting 2 metric tons of food assistance from Bor the state capital of Jonglei to Dorein, one of the locations, alongside Pibor Town and Labrab which humanitarian groups have been able to gain access to in South Sudan’s Pibor County.

WFP launched an operation, with the use of helicopters, to provide food assistance to internally displaced persons uprooted by the violence in Pibor County of Jonglei State in South Sudan.