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Philippines: Happy Women's Month!

Women And Food Security

Women make up a big bulk of agricultural laborers and are the backbone of food production systems. Women also play a key role in guaranteeing food security for the household.

Restoring Livelihoods: Rice Production

Watch some of these strong women doing their share in restoring their families’ and their communities’ livelihoods!

Restoring Livelihoods: Vegetable Production

Women working together and taking charge of their families’ and their communities’ livelihoods.

Restoring Livelihoods: Mud Crab Production

These women know that by working to restore their sources of livelihood, they are also making their family food secure.

Restoring Livelihoods: Nets For Mud Crab Production

Helping their communities rise again, these women keep busy to ensure seamless culturing of mud crabs.

Proud Rice Farmer

In this project, participants receive cash and food assistance for their time and work invested in rice production.

Happy Planting

While the food and cash they receive helps them to meet their and their families’ immediate food demands, in the long run the community will also benefit from the harvest of their rice production project.

Vegetable Farming

This Food and Cash for Work project supports participants engaged in vegetable farming. Here you can see a woman and her neighbor working on a vegetable nursery.

Ready to be planted!

Eggplant and ampalaya (bitter melon) are the two main crops of this particular nursery.

Rehabilitating Land Through Vegetable Farming

This woman is making sure that the distance between the newly planted vegetables is just right. Through this project, her community is also rehabilitating an area of land that was completely destroyed by the typhoon.

Vegetable Farming As A Source Of Income

Only a short time from now, participants will be able to harvest the food and use it both for their own consumption as well as for selling in the market.

Vegetable Farming For Dietary Diversity

Apart from selling their harvests at the market, these women are also happy that their families have access to nutritious food right at their backyard.

Mud Crab Farming

This woman is working in mud crab production/ farming. She is part of a fisher folk association that lost all its sources of income because the typhoon destroyed all their boats, cages and mud crab pens.

Mud Crab Pen

Behind this woman is the mud crab pen their association is rebuilding through Food and Cash for Work. The pen is an encircled area in which little crablets will be fed and grown. Once they are big enough, the association can then sell the crabs in the market.

When Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) hit the Philippines on 4 December 2012, it severely affected several regions – and some 6.2 million persons (over 1.2 million families) – along its course. The Philippines Department of Agriculture has estimated that Typhoon Bopha’s damage to crops is at more than USD 750 million. For rapid recovery of people’s livelihoods, women and men are working hand-in-hand to regain the life they had before Typhoon Bopha came.

For this Women’s Month, we celebrate the many women who are participating in WFP-supported livelihood-based Food and Cash for Work projects that help communities restore their sources of livelihood, which in turn will help them improve their access to food.