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Guatemala: 7,000 Flood-Affected People Receive WFP Assistance

A Princess Amid the Floods

10-year-old Alejandra Véliz holds a bottle of fortified vegetable oil, which is part of her family’s food ration. More than 1.400 Guatemalan families received a 30-day food ration (maize, beans, rice and Super Cereal—a fortified corn-soya blend) following severe floods in Escuintla. In spite of the floods, Alejandra said she has not stopped going to school.


Floods of the Coyolate River

WFP and government authorities are distributing food among the most affected families. Heavy floods caused by the Coyolate River damaged the families' houses and their livelihoods in Nueva Concepción, Escuintla. Thanks to contributions made by Brazil, Spain, Canada and Italy, WFP assisted more than 1.400 families.


“Now I have no job”

Marvin Fajardo works on sugar cane fields for short periods (up to two months), but the river flooded the fields and his home, where he lives with his wife and three children. “Now I have no job. In the last 20 days I haven’t made any money,” he said. “I hope to start working again in November, but in the meantime this WFP food will help us a lot.”


Donations made by Brazil, Spain, Canada and Italy

WFP staff member, Edgar Galindo, explains to Brazilian Consul, Vitor Mattos, how some 120 MT of food are stored and distributed to the families affected by floods. WFP managed to distribute food to the families thanks to contributions made by Brazil, Spain, Canada and Italy.


WFP Staff in Action

WFP Field Monitor, Lucia Torres, details to the Brazilian Consul, Vitor Matos, how WFP and the Guatemalan government coordinate food distributions. Lucia is part of the WFP that monitors the emergency situation in the area.


Canadian Cooperation

This bag contains some of the beans being distributed to affected households. WFP purchased the beans thanks to contributions made by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Canada also supports small holder farmers associations participating on WFP’s Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative.


Coordination between the Government and WFP

The food distributions are coordinated with the Government of Guatemala, which ensures that the emergency food reaches the families in most need.


The Coyolate River

The sedimentation of the Coyolate River is an indicator of the impact of the recent floods. “Our humanitarian team is in the area monitoring the situation and the food distributions in coordination with government entities,” said Mario Touchette, WFP Representative in Guatemala.


Community Work

The local community and municipal authorities joined forces to build this crossing to allow relief and humanitarian organizations to access their community.  


Ever and Charles Wait for Their Mothers

Ever and Charles, both 11 years old, wait for their mothers to pick up their food ration of maize, beans, rice, fortified cooking oil and Super Cereal. These emergency food rations were distributed to more than 1.400 households thanks to contributions made by Canada, Brazil, Spain and Italy.


WFP is providing emergency assistance to 1,472 families from Nueva Concepción, in the department of Escuintla, after the Coyolate River flooded their houses, destroyed their crops and also blocked road access.