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Pakistan: How Food Rations Reached A Hungry Family's Home

Pakistan: Sarwar Mai waiting in line

Sarwar Mai (left), a widow forced from her home by the flooding in Punjab, waits in line for her family's food rations at a distribution point in the town of Kot Addu with her friend, Sharifan (right).

Pakistan: Wheat flour for a month

Sarwar Mai is given 80 kg of vitamin-enriched wheat flour, enough to provide her and her family with flat bread -- known locally as roti -- for a month.

Pakistan: Taking the Rickshaw home

Sarwar Mai loads her rations onto a rickshaw, which will take her back to the dilapted schoolhouse where she and two other large families have been living since the floods destroyed their homes. 

Pakistan: Home for now

Sarwar Mai and her son return to the school house with their ration of oil, sugar and wheat flour.

Pakistan: A place to sleep

This is where Sarwar Mai and her children have been sleeping six to a cot together with members of the other families since they were forced to seek shelter in this old schoolhouse.

Pakistan: Turning rations into ruti

As soon as Sarwar Mai arrives, she and the other women begin turning their flour ration into dough.

Pakistan: A three-stone stove

The bread is cooked on a broad pan balanced on three stones over an open fire. So-called "three-stone stoves" like this are a common way of preparing meals throughout Pakistan.

Pakistan: The finished product

The finished product looks like this. A soft, warm piece of bread every bit as nutritious as it is filling.

Pakistan: A family meal

Sarwar Mai and her family sit on their cots together to share a piece of roti bread, a staple food in Pakistan often served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Pakistan: Familiar Food

The taste of warm, familiar food is all it takes to coax a smile from these kids, who've known nothing but hardship and loss since the monsoon rains began.

Sarwar Mai and her family are among the millions of Pakistani flood victims receiving WFP food rations. In this gallery, we see her receive her food and take it home, where the fortified flour is rapidly turned into roti -- a sort of flat bread popular in Pakistan. The kids clearly love it!