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Food For Work Brings Hope in Lesotho Village

Coming Together


Thirty two community members come together in a village near Mohale's Hoek to combat erosion due to climate change. WFP's Food for Work programme has enabled this village to build structures which protect their farm land from heavy rain fall, while also providing food to feed their families during hard times.  


A Grandmother's Story

Mathato is a traditional healer, mother and grandmother of three young children. In the past, she has been able to collect wild plants to help her family during the lean season but, after two failed harvests, this was no longer enough. Mathato led a dance to thank WFP for the work being done in her community to help the many families affected by food insecurity.  

Songs of Joy

Having experienced hunger during two consecutive crop failures, the women involved in the Food for Work programme dance in celebration of the support they are receiving from WFP.

Today We Celebrate

These woman are members of the Food for Work team. The WFP-sponsored programme has enabled the community to get together to overcome environmental challenges, while ensuring gender equality and improving food security.

Combating Erosion

A simple yet effective rock wall keeps heavy rains from eroding top soil. Through the Food for Work programme, communities build structures like this one to keep their crop lands safe from erosion. 

Key Hole Gardens


WFP is also helping food insecure people set up so-called key hole gardens. These innovative little gardens use less water and produce more food than the conventional variety. 


Hope for the Future

Heavy rains have washed away many fields in the area of Mohale’s Hoek. With no field to grow crops, Mabuoang Matsipa was worried about what the future would hold for her daughter and two grandchildren who live with her. Now, her daughter is working on rebuilding their fields as part of a Food for Work team. 



Food Distribution - Mohale's Hoek

Food is delivered to community members who are taking part in the Food for Work programme. The delivery includes staple foods such as maize meal, pulses and cooking oil. 

 The Food for Work Programme was established in the Mohale's Hoek area of Lesotho to help residents overcome high levels of food insecurity. After 2 seasons of crop losses due to climate change, many families were no longer able to meet their daily food needs. Today they work together to build structures which combat erosion due to heavy rains, thus protecting the surrounding top soil and ensuring that crop lands remain strong.


In exchange for their work the community members receive staple foods such as maize meal, pulses and cooking oil. The Food for Work Programme is supported by USAID and was designed to ensure gender equality as well as to improve future food security.