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Floods Hit Southern Mozambique

Open ground

Three days after being flooded out of their home in Chokwe, this family was still living in the open at Chihaquelane camp about 20 kms away.


Camping out

The Mozambican Red Cross started distributing tents at Chihaquelane soon after the floods hit but, with 45,000 people at this one camp, it was impossible to provide shelter for everyone.

Rescue Party

The Mozambican army rescued many people from the floods around Chokwe but not everyone could be taken to dry land.

On the roof

A number of families sought safety on the roof of this building when floods inundated Chokwe on 22 January 2013.

Sinking feeling

Only a minority of people in Chokwe live in concrete or brick houses. Most of the inhabitants depend on agriculture for a living.

Waiting patiently

Joana Tembe lost her home to the floods. Here at Hokwe camp, she waits in line for food from WFP for herself and her family.

Looking up

Most of those in the camps for the flood-affected are women and children. Many of the menfolk from this part of Mozambique are working in the mines in South Africa.

Heavy load

This woman will divide the sack of WFP maize she carries among five households at Chihaquelane camp

Tens of thousands of people were made homeless when seasonal floods hit southern part of Mozambique in January. Worse affected was Gaza Province with the numbers of flood affected people estimated at 65,000 or more. It was estimated that some 85,000 in total were affected though the figure could have been higher.