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Feeding a Former Child Soldier

Former child soldier

Amani Mofura, a 13-year-old former child soldier, was brought to the Don Bosco centre in Goma after he was rescued from a militia group by the Caritas aid organisation. He now relies on the centre for his food, lodging and schooling.

Adolescent horseplay

These boys push each other around as they wait for lunch, as adolescent males are wont to do. Especially former child soldiers.

The kitchen

Some of the WFP-supplied ingredients that go into the food being prepared for lunch for 2,000. The buckets contain "foufou" - a hearty but simple staple made of maize flour.

Lined up for lunch

The centre also provides regular meals for 2,600 local children who come to school from the nearby shantytown. Each day almost half a ton of foufou emerges from the centre’s cauldrons.

Pea soup for lunch

A cook overseas the preparation of a large vat of pea soup that has been made with WFP-supplied pulses.

Feeding the infants

Women workers in the nursery of the Don Bosco centre feed some of the younger children.

Two mothers

Two weary mothers wait outside the medical clinic at the Don Bosco centre. The centre is a one-stop care centre with a clinic and a cholera ward.

Amani is one of 400 orphaned and separated children who sleep, go to classes and eat three meals a day at the Don Bosco Ngangi Youth centre in Goma, DRC. In 2008 the centre received 65 per cent of its food from WFP. In 2009 it will be close to 100 per cent.