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Indonesia: Enjoying School Meals In NTT

Hot Nutritious School Meals

A red cup of steaming mungbean porridge is provided to students in a remote area in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) as part pf WFP’s Local Food Based School Meals programme. WFP collaborates with the local government to provide students from poor families healthy meals in school which help them concentrate in their classes.  

Good 'Til The Last Bite

A beneficiary of WFP's Local Food Based School Meals programme in NTT enjoying her lunch.


Snack Celebration

Children celebrate after snacks at Sufmuti Primary school in NTT.  WFP school meals help children concentrate in class and prevent malnutrition.

Home-Brewed Nutritious Stew

As part of WFP's school feeding programme in NTT, eastern Indonesia, children receive a home-brewed nutritious stew which includes ingredients such as maize, mung beans, brown sugar, bananas, sweet potatoes and coconut milk.

Incentive For Parents

A young student enjoys a meal provided to him as part of WFP's School Meals programme, which feeds around 1,400 children over a six month period.  School meals are a major incentive for parents to send their children, who may otherwise not eat, to school. The nourishment helps them to focus on learning the alphabet, bringing them closer to one day fulfilling their dreams of going to university.

Going Back For More

Female students run off with their cups to get a second serving of WFP's School Meals consisting of hot cinnamon infused porridge which serves as a tasty - and healthy - treat between classes.

The WFP School Meals Programme in NTT is helping address malnutrition among primary school children aged children 6 to 13.