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ECHO Visits Colombian Refugees in the Ecuadorian Northern Border

ECU1: Riverside Community in the Ecuadorian Northern Border

Ecuador receives approximately 1000 Colombian refugees every month. Most settle in vulnerable communities in the norther border.

ECU2: ECHO Visit - Assistance Arrives by Boat

Members of the ECHO mission visiting the Ecuadorian northern border travel by boat in the Esmeraldas region, accompanied by a WFP and UNHCR delegation.

ECU3: EU Ambassador is Well Received

The delegation was well received by Ecuadorian and Colombian refugees living in the Ecuadorian northern border.

ECU4: Visiting of the Refugees

Refugees living in the Ecuadorian northern border face difficult conditions. The ECHO delegation visited several of their homes.

ECU5: Interviewing refugees

WFP interviews refugees to determine their food security situation.

ECU6: Ambassador at the Food Store

The delegation visited the store where refugees exchange their WFP vouchers for fruits, vegetables and other fresh products.

ECU7: How Will Vouchers be Exchanged?

The store offers a great variety of products, but WFP vouchers can only be exhcanged for products on a list of nutritious foods.

ECU8: Nutrition Training

For beneficiaries to get the most out of  their vouchers, they receive monthly nutrition trainings in which they learn how to combine food in tasty and nutritious ways.

Thanks to ECHO support, WFP gives food assistance to recently-arrived Colombian refugees in Ecuador. A EU delegation visited the northern border, met with refugees and witnessed assistance activities by WFP and UNHCR.