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Refugees Of Famine In Horn Of Africa

Huxun And Her Son Sadik

During her recent visit to southern Somalia, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran met Huxun and her son Sadik, who'd walked for miles to get there. Huxun told the Executive Director she wasn't sure if her son was going to make it.

Girl In Howlwadag Eats Hot Meal Provided By WFP

Howlwadag is one of 16 centres in Mogadishu where WFP provides hot meals for about 5,000 people per day. Most of them are displaced. Around 85,000 people are reached in Mogadishu through wet feeding.


Mother and Child in Dolo, Somalia

A mother carries her baby on her back into supplementary feeding center in Dolo, Somalia, where he will receive nutritional products specially designed for children.

Outside The Hospital In Dadaab

A woman stands outside the hospital in Dadaab where her child is being treated for severe malnutrition.

Severe malnourishment is having devastating effects on children in Somalia

This severely malnourished child arrived from Somalia at  Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp and is being treated at the Medecins Sans Frontier hospital in Dagahaley. Copyright:WFP/Rose Ogola.

Horn: "We came to save ourselves"

"We came to save ourselves," says Halima who walked with her 4 children for 10 days in order to find food in the Dolo Ado refugee camp. 

Horn: One Mother’s Tragedy

Both of Fatuma's children died a day after arriving at Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. They walked for 10 days from Somalia and had no food for 3 days.

Mother and Child at Dadaab Refugee camp, Kenya

This mother and her baby are new arrivals at Dadaab Refugee camp in Kenya. On reception, WFP provides refugees with a 15 day food ration and regular rations upon registration.

Hundreds of thousands of people are on the move across southern Somalia as they flee the drought-ridden famine zone in search of food. Every day, over 2,000 refugees cross the border into Ethiopia while 1,300 more cross the border into Kenya. WFP is rapidly scaling up to feed some 11.5 million people in the region.